Food Coaching

'If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If diet is correct, medicine is of no need.'

What is a Food Coach?


A Food Coach is someone who not only gives advice on a healthy diet, but also coaches clients to reach their health goals. It’s like having your own personal trainer for healthy eating!

What to expect with Food Coaching:


We can work together by assessing your current diet and lifestyle, and apply realistic strategies that will fit in with your lifestyle.

You will gain a deeper understanding of foods that will work best for you to help you feel great!

For our sessions together to be effective, and in order to gain maximum benefit from my coaching, you will need to be honest with yourself about your state of health, have an open mind, and be prepared to examine how your lifestyle choices have affected your health. You also need to be ready to take responsibility for your health, and take action to move toward your goals.

A healthy lifestyle is created on a foundation of healthy habits. I would be honoured to assist, support and empower you on your journey to reach your goals.

Private consultations are available either via Skype or at Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, by appointment.


Why have a Food Coach?


There is so much information and advice out there about healthy eating. Not only can it be confusing as to where to start, but having the motivation to start and continuing with a healthy eating lifestyle can be daunting for many people. Having a food coach can increase your success in achieving your goals by providing support and tactics to help incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?


  • Do you have trouble sleeping?

  • Do you constantly feel tired?

  • Do you have digestive issues?

  • Do you have food intolerances and would like to know how to include alternative foods into your diet?

  • Do you suffer from hormonal imbalances such as PMS or infertility?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as heart disease or high blood pressure and have been told by your doctor that you need to switch to a healthier diet, but don’t know where to start?


These are just some of the many health concerns that I can assist you with by using a nutritional and holistic approach to help improve your wellbeing.

Please note:


* A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellations/re-scheduling, or your pre-paid session will be forfeited (no refund).

* Your session is reserved especially for you.  If you are late, your session will still end at the appointed time to avoid delay for the next scheduled appointment. 

* All clients under the age of 18 are required to have a parent/guardian present in the room for the duration of the session.

* Food Coaching is complementary to, but not a substitute for professional medical treatment.

* We do not prescribe or make a diagnosis. Please refer to your medical practitioner for diagnosis of any medical issues, and suitable prescriptions or adjustments to medications.