Below are resources that you may find useful to assist you on your journey to health, and to help maintain your health and wellbeing.


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Diabetes Transformation Summit


The Diabetes Transformation Summit will help you implement everyday strategies for thriving with diabetes; embrace nutritional approaches that support healthy blood sugar levels; use assessment tools to help get your lifestyle dialled in; identify critical alerts & early warning signs; understand hormonal imbalance & the hidden risks of dementia, Alzheimer’s & other diseases; distinguish between glycaemic overload, insulin dysregulation, insulin sensitivity & insulin resistance; correct sleep issues that affect blood sugar balance, metabolic flexibility & weight; and so much more! Register for the Diabetes Transformation Summit.


Lighting the Path Film & Series

Alleviate Anxiety with Grace


Experience powerful practices to compassionately reframe your anxiety as a loving message from your soul, beckoning you to heal wounds that are holding you back from expressing your most vibrant and embodied self. Register for Alleviate Anxiety With Grace.

Lighting the Path Film & Series

Embody the Power of the Feminine Through Sacred Sufi Dance


Explore the connection between sacred dance and the Sacred Feminine — and experience a guided sacred dance demonstration to connect with and receive a transmission from a Sacred Feminine archetype that is relevant to your life and to the world — and to where we are in this liminal moment in time. Register for Embody the Power of the Feminine Through Sacred Sufi Dance.

Lighting the Path Film & Series

Can You Connect With Ascended Masters? How to Journey to Meet Evolved Guides Waiting to Help You Heal & Realize Your Unique Gifts


Receive teachings on how to meet guides from the spirit realm who are standing by right this moment, waiting to lift you into greater awareness of your own divine nature and life-changing wisdom. Register for Can You Connect With Ascended Masters? How to Journey to Meet Evolved Guides Waiting to Help You Heal & Realize Your Unique Gifts.

Lighting the Path Film & Series

Healthy Heart Masterclass


Emotions like grief, anger, isolation, and trauma can contribute to poor heart health. While modern medicine tends to focus on the physical aspects of heart health, research shows that the emotional aspects are just as important.

Join renowned cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, as she shares the missing piece in conventional cardiology as well as the breakthroughs that are changing the way we look at health in the Healthy Heart Masterclass. Register now!

Lighting the Path Film & Series

Food For Health Masterclass


Looking for a sign that it’s time to take charge of your healthy-eating habits? Then this is it! Join this free masterclass and get the inspiration you need to make your healthy habits stick. John Robbins is a world-renowned author, and this free masterclass will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to live your healthiest life!

Calculate Your BMI:


NOTE: This calculator is only for adults and should not be used for children.
BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Your BMI is an estimate only of whether you are underweight, a healthy weight, overweight, or obese in relation to your height. It’s important to note that BMI doesn’t directly measure fat or reflect body fat distribution. This calculator only provides an estimate of body fatness, as it only takes your height and weight into account. Certain populations should not use this calculator, such as women who are pregnant or lactating, children, people with very athletic builds, and the elderly who have a lot of muscle loss.


Your BMI is

BMI less than 18.5 = underweight
BMI between 18.5–24.9 = normal weight
BMI between 25–29.9 = overweight
BMI of 30 or more = obese

Meal Plans


Real Plans is an online menu planner that’s turned meal planning on its head. It gives you all the tools to provide healthy meals for you and your family. For more information, click the banner below or click here.