(Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free)


Makes approx 3 cups.


There are several alternative ways to spell ‘hommus’. It can also be spelled ‘hummus’, ‘houmous’, and ‘houmos’. There may be other ways to spell it, but don’t write in to tell me! It doesn’t matter how you prefer to spell it, the product is the same – chickpea dip!


I love to eat hommus with raw veggies and even on its own! You can adjust the ingredients to suit your own taste (eg: less/more garlic, salt), or perhaps more lemon – whatever you prefer.


I like to use a mortar and pestle to prepare the crystal rock salt and garlic, as pounding the crystal rock salt and garlic together takes a slight edge off the rawness of the garlic. If you prefer to skip this step, then add finely granulated Himalayan or macrobiotic salt and garlic directly to the food processor (but you will need to use less salt).


Tahini is simply sesame seeds that has been ground until it becomes a paste. There are two types of tahini – hulled and unhulled. Either is fine to use, however the hulled tahini has a much stronger flavour, so I generally go for unhulled.


If you prefer a thinner consistency to this hommus, add more olive oil or some filtered water.



2 – 2½ cups cooked chickpeas (approx 1 cup cooking liquid reserved)

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil

½ cup – ⅔ cup filtered water (or use the reserved cooking liquid)

5 tbsp tahini

Juice of ½ lemon

4 cloves garlic (peeled, and roughly cut in pieces)

1½ tsp Himalayan crystal salt

½ tsp cumin powder



Place all ingredients, except for garlic and salt, in a food processor. (Note: Add only ½ cup of the water or cooking liquid in the beginning, and if you want a thinner consistency, you can add more water/liquid later.)


In a mortar and pestle, add the crystal rock salt and garlic cloves and pound until the mixture resembles a paste. Add to the food processor and process all ingredients until smooth. Adjust seasoning to suit your taste.


Spoon into a bowl and you can drizzle with a little olive oil, if you wish, before serving.

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